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Modern FinTech Platform

Designing safer, more secure ways for business and consumers to transact with alternative to cash, credit cards and checks.

Banking products for businesses unable to access traditional credit or cashless financial tools.  

Provides the challenged bank consumer the ability to have a virtual bank experience providing them all the features and financial services afforded by traditional banks.

Cashless Payment Access  


Lower costs to accept payments at the Point-Of-Sale or Online     

KindCard™️ Open Eco-System

Pay With Deb Closed Loop environment

With new products and services in development 


Perfect for Retail or hospitality merchant giving them the ability to eliminate cash and the high cost of accepting credit cards. 

Real Time Instant funding to the merchants KindCard™️ Virtual Checking account at time of transaction, no waiting.


Immediate real time receipt of consumer payments to your KindCard™️ or Deb Virtual Checking Account


Ability to market to your Customers via text or email


Eliminate Handling of Cash for payment


Ability to pay vendors and employees through KindCard™️ Virtual Checking Account


About Us
A team of executives that provide years of business and payments experience, soon to launch unique traditional and non-traditional financial services for in-store and online businesses, bankable and un-bankable consumers at a very competitive cost with unparalleled security and in-house support

The Team

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KindCard Inc.
1001 Yamato Road  / Suite 100
Boca Raton, FL 33496

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